Sprinkled with Hope

121 - Change Your Perspective with Steven Crane

December 7, 2021

Bio taken from Steven's website brainsofsteel.com


My name is Steven Crane. And my life, just like yours, is a story—a tale which in my case does actually include two decades of professional writing experience. And if you think the introduction is interesting, you should check out the stories I've had the honor of telling on behalf of some of the world's biggest companies and best known brands. Some are short and sweet; others epic battles. Most of them have happy endings, including:


  • Connecting guests worldwide with the lavish user experience they would expect from a global luxury hospitality brand (and coordinating brand messaging over thousands of pages)

  • Defining a Fortune 15 company's corporate culture with a single keystroke (and almost winning ERE's Best Employer Brand award in the process; we were second)

  • Nearly perfecting Engagement (99% is pretty close) scores across thousands of employees of a leading regional health care system


These are just a few of the entries in my book. I've also told tales about financial planning, and advanced medical technology, and drywall, and children’s television—but those are stories for another day. The story I'm most excited about is what comes next. I'd love to dig in and explore the creative landscape in search of dynamic solutions for you and your clients.


If you're looking to add a conceptual writer who loves uncovering the kernels of truth at the heart of brands, and sharing those stories across multimedia, I hope you'll consider hearing more from me.

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