Sprinkled with Hope

119- Facing and overcoming fear & pain with Dr. Michelle Hannah

November 23, 2021

Dr. Michelle R. Hannah, through her life's medical challenges and overwhelming love for humanity, the health, emotional well-being of people and commitment to living authentically- is among the most influential women today. Dr. Michelle public speaking spans over 15 years and is the author of The Breaking Point: A Full-Circle Journey and workbook, The Vows A guide to Understanding your marriage and understanding yourself and her most recent book- The Self Vows; Seven Vows That Will Charge Your Life

Michelle has made several appearances on TV, Radio, Podcasts, and  has collaborated with and featured in many blogs. She has recently been featured in articles for CBS, FOX, NBC & was voted #1 Relationship Coach of the year.


My CTA is to invite people to apply for The self Vows retreat


or to enroll in the Self Vows  program.  



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